Arte Ricca 2017

03 Nov 2017



Pink Lake - Penong to Cactus, 2017. oil and beeswax on board.

One of four works included in Arte Ricca 2017. Curated by Elly Joel, the exhibitors include: Kiera Anne, Anya Brock, Alex Cearns,  Catherine Charnaud, Penny Coss, Ben Crappsley, Melanie Dare, Annabel Dixon, Caspar Fairhall, Forma, Kelsey Ashe Giambazi, Sarana Haeata, Giles Hohnen, Chris Hopewell, Bela Kotai, Eveline Kotai, Alexandra Lekias, Jen Mellor, Rose Megirian, Lesley Munro, Annette Orr, Angela Stewart, Ruby Talbot-Dunn, Jane Tangney, Ruth Vickers, Kirsten Watkins and Nick Wild.

Opening tonight 6pm NOV 3rd, Beehive Montessori - Curtin Avenue, Mosman Park

News just in - I received Peoples Choice Award : )