Expander - COLOUR

01 Dec 2021

OPENING 6 PM, DEC 1, 2021
STALA CONTEMPORARY, 12 Cleaver Street West Perth

Expander - COLOUR  features a diverse collection of 16 invited contemporary artists for whom the use of colour, either overt or restrained is a signature and distinctive hallmark of their practice. 

Sea Glass + Basalt, Black Point, D’Entrecasteaux National Park (diptych)
oil and beeswax on canvas
1560 mm x 1155 mm each panel

Colour is everything – it can be seen, felt, and heard. It can scream with intensity, hum with vibration, or whisper to the point of stillness and reflection. Black Point is a magical place. As pristine as this coastline appears with its ancient basalt cliffs, close observation reveals tiny fragments of sea glass and plastic – a reminder of our human impact on the natural world. 

Jane Tangney, 2021