Finalist - Hadley’s Art Prize

19 Jun 2017

I am so happy that my painting, The Neck, 2017 has been selected for the inaugural Hadley's Art Prize, Hobart.  This is Australia's newest landscape art award. With $100,000 awarded to the winner, it is believed to be the world's richest landscape prize. 

The award also further enhances Tasmania's reputation as an 'Island for the Arts'. The state has a rich and complex history of landscape art, and the theme for the 2017 Hadley's Prize, Hobart is History and Place: A portrayal of the Australian landscape which acknowledges the past.  The prize is curated by Dr Amy Jackett and this year's judges are Dr Julie Gough, Roger Butler AM and Lisa Slade.

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Artist Statement
The Neck, 2017 | 140 x 135 cm | oil and beeswax on canvas

The Neck is the isthmus joining the two landmasses of North and South Bruny Island or Lunnawannalonna. A land bridge, with parallels to our own neck - that part of the body between our head and heart that is both strong and fragile. For the Palawa people of Tasmania, it is a body part worthy of cultural adornment with intricate strands of pearlescent seashells that have been collected here for generations.

Bruny is overwhelmingly beautiful, however, on a gloomy day, the island’s grievous past can be felt. The history of this place and its people, including the resilient Truganini, is chilling and incomprehensible.

Loaded with metaphor, I am attempting to paint the dualities of strong/fragile, heavy/light, presence and absence.

Jane Tangney 2017