05 Aug 2022

top left: Coastal Banksia, 2022. mixed media on cardboard. 53 x 30 x 4 cm
top right: Boranup, 2022. muslin, plaster + limewash on polyurethane.  66 x 12 x 12 cm
middle left: Spinning Gum, 2022. balsa wood, found stick + acrylic.  27 x 10 x 10 cm
middle right: Allium, 2022. oil on plywood.  20 x 20 cm
bottom left: Eucalyptus Caesia (diptych), 2022. oil + beeswax on linen. 140 x 82 cm
bottom right: Banksia Menziesii - Firewood Banksia (diptych), 2022. oil on linen. 88 x 74 cm

6 August - 4 September 
Opening 1 PM Saturday, August 6
Lost Eden Creative - 58 McLarty St, Dwellingup WA

FLORIBUNDA is an all-female group show celebrating flora in a multitude of artistic styles and mediums.

The age-old idiom ‘stopping to smell the roses’ has rattled around in my head whilst looking at flora for this show. Suburban gardens and natural bushland have been my inspiration. Devoid of figuration, the paintings are quietly reflective, whilst the up-cycled sculptures are playfully responsive to the joy and restorative powers of nature.  

I have included a small painting titled Pause 1, from my Pilbara landscape series (2017 - 2019). That series was created as an antidote to mining, environmental destruction and the anxiety surrounding climate change. Since then, the world has changed in unforeseen ways - the pandemic has forced EVERYONE to pause.


Fiona Harman
Jordy Hewitt
Pam Jones
Laura Koens
Lori Pensini
Helen Robins
Judy Rogers
Jane Tangney
Alena Warm