Glover Prize 2022

18 Mar 2022

Thrilled to be selected for the Glover Prize 2022.  I love entering this award as a way of staying in touch with Tasmania and its people. I am also thrilled that a strong female painter won this year. Congratulations to Jennifer Riddle - a deserving winner!

81 x 81 cm
oil and beeswax on canvas (sold)

With strict border closures in WA, I often turn to armchair travel via my phone. While it's not an addiction (yet), I do like perusing real estate (my search/drug of choice - rural properties in Northern Tasmania).  I get seduced by drone-captured photography. Perspectives of our age - unimaginable to Glover. 
My partner and I lived in Launceston for the first four years of our relationship.  It's hard not to reminisce during these uncertain times.