LIFE, STILL Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney

04 Nov 2016

LIFE, STILL is a painting exhibition curated by Amber Creswell Bell.  Amber is an art, design, and lifestyle writer who has written for Australia's most popular design blog, 'The Design Files' plus 'The Planthunter' and many notable magazines such as Green. In 2016, Thames and Hudson published her beautiful book titled Clay - Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

LIFE, STILL brings together a group of painterly painters working in both landscape and still life genres.  The exhibition will be held in the newly established gallery and concept space, Saint Cloche.


Hillary Austin, Zoe Young, Wendy MacDonald, Nicole Chaffey, Jane Canfield, Jane Tangney, Mark Tweedie, Sam Michelle, Helen McCullough

November 24 - December 5  37 MacDonald St, Paddington NSW Australia 2021