Murdoch University Art Collection

17 Nov 2015

For this years Murdoch University Art Collection end of year exhibition, I have designed a fun invitation featuring the work of Perth artist Joanna Lamb.  Out of all of the Collection's 2015 art acquisitions, this image stood out for its summer time, Australian, retro vibe. 

The exhibition will be held tomorrow night (sorry - invitation only). 

This past year I have also been updating the Murdoch University Art Collection website.  It will soon be possible to view online the Collection's art acquisitions on a year by year basis spanning the last ten years. I will keep you posted when the site is live!

The Arthouse Report

12 Nov 2015

Artist Open House Fremantle has produced a broadsheet for this years event.  Thank you AOHF team for asking me to be a part of such a beautiful publication (interview pg.9)

Copies of the broadsheet are available at Ootong and Lincoln, Caporn Young and The Corner Store.

Nov 14 -15